Exterior Renovations

Residing your home can provide an instant, fresh look to improve the overall appearance of your exterior. Siding is a cost-effective way to brighten and revitalize any home or office. Many home owners experience a worn look to their siding after years of abuse from weather elements, no matter how well it has been maintained. Acorn can provide new siding or replacement siding to make your home look new again!

downspoutGutter / Downspouts
You can find gutters on any home or building. Sometimes these gutters have major problems that can cause water to leak around the home or offices foundation. These leaks can lead to erosion of mulch and dirt surrounding the foundation of the home. The splash of this water on the dirt may also lead to a dirty or dingy look to your home, as well as drench your guests when they walk into your property! One of the main functions of gutters is to prevent ice buildup in cold weather. Ice buildup can cause leaks inside your home and major damage to your roof. Acorn can give you a complete system to prevent this damage and keep you dry. Professional installation is a must to ensure a proper slope, allowing a correct angle for water drainage and debris flow. Let Acorn give you a free estimate today!

Are you tired of your car collecting pollen or wiping off snow from your windshield in the winter? Acorn can construct a brand new garage on your property for very reasonable prices, at the same time increasing property value! No matter what size garage you may need to fulfill your storage needs Acorn can do it.

Roofs become deteriorated over time and can cause major damage to the inside of your home. Whether it is a minor leak or major damage to your roof Acorn can repair or replace an existing roof, no matter what size or slope. A new roof system is a large investment. Trust a licensed and insured contractor to satisfy your roofing needs. Trust Acorn to do it right!

Faulty windows can cause energy bills to skyrocket. Whether it is a single window replacement or you want a clean, energy efficient improvement to your home, new windows may be something to have a look at. Acorn's skilled; quality professionals can replace any existing windows in your home or office creating a draft-free, cost-cutting, bright environment to spend time in.

Acorn installs Concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, steps, garage floors, foundation and more. We have our own Bobcat and all of the equipment necessary to remove your old concrete, prep the ground, order the concrete, and finish the surface. Here are some common questions we are asked by our customers about concrete jobs.

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